The Travels of Jonathan Swift

For years after his death, the story was widespread in Ireland that Swift had ended his days in St Patrick’s Psychiatric Hospital, the institution that he himself founded. 

‘The Travels of Jonathan Swift’ finds Swift in a locked ward, and together with a band of fellow-inmates, he embarks on a free-wheeling ride through vivid episodes from his life and intense loves, and highlights from the works - the Lilliputians, the giant Brobdingnagians, the flying islands, the land of horses.

Drawn from Gulliver’s Travels, A Tale of a Tub, and the key relationships in his life, the play matches Swift’s remarkable imagination and savage satire with the Blue Raincoats’ trademark visual style. 

Blackly comic, theatrically extravagant, and startlingly up-to-date in its satirical aim, The Travels of Jonathan Swift is a fantasia drawn from the creations of this most feverishly brilliant of minds."Deeply moving theatre" The Examiner

Developed with Direction Blue Raincoat Ensemble Sandra O Malley, John Carty, Brian F. Devaney,  Design  Set Building Lighting Barry McKinney Sound Joe Hunt

The Travels of Jonathan Swift was first performed at The Factory Performance Space on Wednesday 2 November 2019.