David Goldsworthy

When I met the Roy Hart Theatre in London in 1969, it became clear that the voice had to become my vocation. The intensive use of the voice over its full range of height, depth, expression, and colour, lit lights, woke up demons, and revealed the person in me I had wanted to discover. I shelved my recent university degree in engineering and joined the group. I became actor, singer, speaker, director, and improviser – stage manager, technician, and photographer. I received a thorough training in the Roy Hart approach to the voice and acting and became a voice teacher in 1977.

My experience within the Roy Hart Theatre has been enriched over the years with teachings from many sources. The freeing of the voice through exploration and improvisation, and the development of the singing voice are the central elements of my teaching. Today I take a great pleasure in continuing to learn about the voice, and of infecting others with the itch to sing, improvise, explore, and especially with the wish to develop the voice as an ongoing, personal, creative process.

I was the Co-Director of the Roy Hart Centre for many years (up until 2005), where I teach regularly. I currently give workshops in different regions of France, in various European countries, and occasionally in the USA.